I’m Avery J. Wiscomb, a computationally-minded researcher and English literature teacher living in Pittsburgh, PA. Originally from Orcas Island, Washington in the Pacific Northwest, I earned my BA from The Evergreen State College, an experimental, public liberal arts college, then moved east to study Great Books at St. John’s College, Annapolis, Rhetoric at Carnegie Mellon University, and Philosophy at The New School for Social Research.

Subsequently, I worked as a writing consultant for data scientists and engineers at Carnegie Mellon and companies such as Google and Disney, and managed communications and special projects for a backend technology company in New York City, before beginning a Ph.D. program in literary and cultural studies in 2016.

Since then, my life has been consumed by books and computers, and big ideas about what they mean to each other and why that matters.

My “About” page describes what I do for work. The “Projects” page describes some of what I’m working on. If you’re interested in collaborating on teaching, research, or digital efforts, I can be reached at awiscomb@andrew.cmu.edu.