The Frankenstein Variorum—with Scott Weingart, Jon Klancher, Elisa Beshero-Bondar, and others

This project creates and enhances comprehensive scholarly editions in a variorum interface of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818). The “variorum” surpasses current digital and print editions by permitting users to compare five different versions (in print or manuscript forms) that were created between 1816 and 1831.

Herb Simon and His Books—with Daniel Evans

This project explores the papers of Herbert Simon (1916-2001), a pioneer in artificial intelligence (AI), in relation to the books in his personal library.  We identify major cultural influences on Simon’s early discussions about ethics and AI. Trained as a political scientist and economist, our goal is to better understand the interdisciplinary and liberal arts influence on Simon that impacted his thinking about computers and the artificial brain.

democracy Journal Archive (1981-1983) 

This project preserves the short-lived “little magazine” democracy (with a lower case ‘d’). Founded in 1981 by the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin, it featured contributions from important political thinkers of the time, in 12 hard-to-find issues. This straight-forward PDF archive tries to keep its ideas accessible to all of us, as a digital resource for the activity of democracy and the preservation of its public memory.

Computing Conflict in the U.S. Midcentury (1966-1981)

This project traces ideological conflict between people and institutions in U.S. mid-century computing, especially its implementation in the business and university. Study of this period in U.S. technocultural history offers new ways to understand our current situation in relation to computing, and informs disagreements between those who will embrace next-generation technologies and those who will not, either because they do not have access to it or because they are opposed to it on other grounds.