folderThe Frankenstein Variorum—with Scott Weingart, Jon Klancher, Elisa Beshero-Bondar, and others

This project seeks to create a “transhistorical” edition of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818) and enhances comprehensive scholarly editions in a variorum interface. It permits users to simultaneously compare five different versions (in print and manuscript forms) that were created between 1816 and 1831.


folderMARXDown: A Digital Reading Edition—with Steven Gotzler and Daniel Evans

This project reimagines the first volume of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital as a digital reading edition built using the lightweight markup language Markdown and “Ed,” a Jekyll theme developed by Alex Gil and others. It incorporates group annotations using, which fosters community building by enabling sentence-level notetaking and discussion.


folderdemocracy Journal Archive (1981-1983) 

This project preserves the short-lived “little magazine” democracy (with a lower case ‘d’) in a simple PDF archive. Founded in 1981 by the political philosopher Sheldon Wolin, democracy featured contributions from important political thinkers of the time in 12 hard-to-find issues.